Mini Militia Unlimited Health Hack [Updated] Hacked Version

Do you love multiplayer gaming? Try the mini militia game, if you haven’t. Ranked among top played games on Android phones, Minim militia is one of the most popular games played by Smartphone users across the globe. The game is challenging, competitive and at the same time full of features that many similar games do not provide.

The game performs smoothly on all devices even those with small RAM size and slower processor. It is easy to adapt as the graphics and coding are very simple. The convenience to use keys or gaming console makes it more fun to play the game. With easy compatibility with so many devices, lots of users can play the game quickly.

Many features of the game are locked initially and to unlock them you will either have to make an in-app purchase, complete specific levels or make use of cheat codes.

Many users avoid use mini militia hack and cheat however there are much more than use them and enjoy the game at the maximum level. With Mini Militia Unlimited Health Hack, you don’t have to purchase the levels anymore and continue playing like a pro!

mini militia unlimited health hack

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Features of the Mini Militia Health Hack Mod

The mini militia is an arcade game in which you need to fight with opponents to win. You can play with multiple including real-time players or computer generated opponents. You get guns and a limited health and to win a battle you need to kill your opponent. This situation won’t disappoint you the same anymore because Mini Militia Hacks saves you the costs and you can play like never before.

  • Unlimited Nitro
  • Unlimited Health
  • Awesome Weapons
  • Battle Points
  • Unlimited Jetpack
  • New Avatars
  • One Shot Kill

You can call it God Mod.

Mini militia can be played online as well as in offline mode. Tf you wish to lay online you need a reasonable data connection. The game consumes a limited amount of internet data, and you can play with multiple players using hotspot and without the need of connecting to the web.

Why use Mini Militia Unlimited Health Hacks?

With the use of hacks, you can get many new guns and increased health.  Lots of users play mini militia online, and many of them use hacks. If you are not using the hacks, you could end up losing every time. The kind of hack that you use will determine your winning chances. If your opponent is using a particular hack, you need to come up with a counterpart or something more popular.

The players and designers of the game keep coming with new and improved hacks that make the game even more fun. There are hacks to unlock new and more powerful weapons that cause a lot of damage. At the same time, some hacks can help you withstand those powerful attacks. One of the very favorite hacks of recent time is that of Mini Militia Unlimited Health Hack.

The hack allows you to become indestructible with unlimited health but this is for a particular period and the instructions to complete the hack have to be accurately followed to get the expected results.

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If you don’t want to download any virus again and want a true hack, check out Mini Militia Unlimited Health Hack and you can stay away from these websites and fake files. You need to gather knowledge about the MOD to get the best results. Following points will prove useful:

mini militia unlimited health hack

Few Things to Note in Mini Militia Unlimited Health Hack Apk

[su_list icon=”icon: plus” icon_color=”#e8860a”]

  •    You get unlimited health points
  •    It is possible to play in multiple custom rooms
  •    You can see players hiding in the bush
  •    You can fly around quickly with unlimited nitro
  •    The graphic of the game remains same


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The Mini Militia Health Hack Mod works perfectly on all devices irrespective of their configuration. Mini Militia is a cross-platform game that works smoothly on all operating systems. The MOD files for the different operating system might be different, but you need to download the correct one. To get unlimited health and continue to use it in a battle, you need to keep the following points in mind:

[su_list icon=”icon: plus” icon_color=”#e8860a”]

  •    Use the first gun only that is set as default
  •    Do not pick a weapon from the battle floor
  •    When getting hit, don’t change gun or pick gun
  •    Before installing the new version of mini militia with unlimited health, remove the previous version


It is crucial to download a secure file only as a corrupt one can affect your data. Mini Militia Unlimited Health Hack APK doesn’t download any virus and it’s not a corrupted file too. However, if you are not sure of a file, it is recommended to take a backup of the previous game file before uninstalling it and installing new.

The new version of the Mini Militia has improved security and does not allow using hacks quickly.  You need to download a reliable MOD only to use it with the latest release of the game. With the increasing demand for mini militia hacks, many sites have come up that provide links to download MOD and cheat codes. You cannot rely on all sites, read reviews of past users to choose the best site.  

Download Mini Militia Unlimited Health Hack mod

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mini militia unlimited health hack apk

Final Words

You must use the hack if you don’t want to lose your game. Most of the users use Mini Militia Unlimited Health Hack for getting powerful weapons and unlimited health, so if you are not using same or a more modern hack, you will fall behind. Get your hack and enjoy the game endlessly with more benefits right away.

Mini Militia is such a fascinating game, that it can keep you engaged for the whole day. If you want to be at the top of this game, then you need to install the health pack apk which will enable the unlimited health for you. This hack will allow you to fight against the opponents who have better shields and accessories which can kill you with one bullet.

So, call out your friends and install the unlimited health pack and play this game in the multiplayer mode. See, who wins and brag about it everywhere among your groups as a winner.

Mini Militia Unlimited Everything – Unlimited Ammo and Nitro

Mini Militia or the Doodle Amy 2 is a favourite multiplayer game available for iOS and Android operating systems. It is an arcade-style game in which you need to kill your opponents in multiplayer battle. You can play mini militia with computer generated components as well as with real-time players.

An action-packed adventurous game for that can drool you for hours.

Nowadays most of the games come with a high-quality graphic that requires higher RAM and better graphic configuration; whereas the mini militia game is simple and designed to run on most phones.

The game is extremely competitive and requires a lot of skill for winning.

In multiplayer games, people make use of hacks like mini militia unlimited everything to play with all the features and become very hard to beat. 

Mini Militia Unlimited Everything

Features of Mini Militia Unlimited Everything APK

If you are a beginner in the mini militia but are planning to go online soon, you need to learn about the various features of the game at the earliest. The game is addictive especially when you learn the game. You can win battles, achieve ranks, better grades, earn lots of reward points, buy weapons and much more.

Mini Militia Unlimited Ammo and Nitro

When you use the unlimited everything mod on your Desktop to mobile, you unlock the highly valuable feature of mini militia unlimited ammo.

Unlimited ammo means that your ammunition will never end, no more empty guns or grenades.

On the contrary to not using this mod, you have very limited ammo, that too you have to earn by winning battles. So in each action, you fear of running out of ammunition and losing the fight.

By using this mini militia unlimited ammo apk, you unlock the hack that gives you access to never-ending ammo. You can use this ammo to fight your enemy effortlessly.

No more worries of losing a battle due to ammo run-out!

Mini Militia Unlimited nitro

You can have unlimited fun when playing mini militia with the unlimited everything mod, as this mod allows you access to unlimited nitro.

Yes, you hear it right. Now you can continue to use your jetpack without worries to fall back.

Using this mod apk and your jetpack will always have nitro. You can keep flying and shooting at your enemy endlessly and of course effortlessly.

But one thing you must know is that while using this mod, your nitro might look empty to you, but this is a hack, so it works well.

You can keep using nitro even if the sign shows no nitrous.

Plus, there is an update every now and then to make the game even more interesting. Following are some of the key features of the game:

[su_list icon=”icon: plus” icon_color=”#e8860a”]

  •    You can play the game with six players through internet connection, and if connected to the same hotspot, as many as 12 players can play together
  •    You get unlimited health in the official game and to win a battle you need to kill your opponents with your gun
  •    It is possible to pick the weapon of another player once its character dies
  •    You can modify the avatar or your player’s character as per your likes
  •    Developers keep launching new versions of the game with  better features
  •    Mini Militia is compatible with multiple OS devices, and you can play with users of Android phones and iOS phones at the same time.
  •    Many features of the game are not available for use at start which gets unlocked once you finish certain level in the game or make in-app purchases
  •    There are different hacks for enabling various features of the game. Using the hacks you can get unlimited access to everything and you can play without stopping again.


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Download Mini Militia Unlimited Everything Mod [Nitro and Ammo]

You need to a bit careful while downloading this mini militia hack, as the download should be from a reliable website only. Downloading this mod unlimited everything from a genuine source will allow you the use the cheat and take its full advantage. it won’t hamper any of your hardware or software configuration.

Also, you must uninstall all the previous versions of this APK, and remove the previously saved data. If you follow these steps properly, then you can enjoy the Mini Militia with the unlimited hack mod.

Players who take advantage of mini militia unlimited hack have unlimited health, ammo as well as guns that make them hard to beat. If your competitors are making use of hacks and you are not, then your chances of winning the game will become less.

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Mini Militia Unlimited Everything

How to Install Doodle Army 2 Unlimited Everything

The developers of the official mini militia game keep bring new features, and when you are looking for a hack or modified version of the game, it is important to find an APK that is a modified version of the latest game only. When using this MOD apk, you need to take care of the following points to enjoy the game:

[su_list icon=”icon: plus” icon_color=”#e8860a”]

  •    Download from a reliable website only(Download Link Given in Google Drive)
  •    Uninstall the previous version of the APK
  •    Remove all previous data
  •    Install the latest MOD game


Some of the MOD versions have limited features that are unlocked while there are mini militia unlimited everything MOD files that can allow you to get all features of the game including the option to play the game in high definition. You also get multiple additional options such as suicide kill and new skins.

This mode is the very special mod and it allows you to have the unlimited health and ammo at the time of the battle. Since this mod is unique and it comes with a lot of features it requires special attention too while installing this mod on your device.

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Final Words

Mini Militia everything Unlimited mod is the useful mod for the people who like to play the Mini Militia. The unlimited everything mod will help you to get the unlimited health, unlimited ammo, unlimited nitro and lot of options, which will be useful for you to beat the tuff opponents in the battle.

Mini Militia Mod Apk: Mega Mod+Pro Pack Hack [All Mods]

Let the madness begin! Get A Mod Pack to Make large out of Mini Militia

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia is a world-famous smartphone game. Initially, launched as an exclusive iOS game on Apple’s iTunes in 2011, it was launched for Android devices in 2015 after its popularity began to rise. Android and iOS being the most preferred platforms for smartphones users, Mini Militia is one of the most played games by smartphones users. Today the game has millions of followers from across the globe with as huge a fan following as well. 

Mini Militia is 2D shooter game which can be played against computer bots or in a multiplayer mode with Android devices connected to each other. The game requires a server that hosts systems from other location either located nearby or remotely. 

The best thing about the game is, you can run it on any of your smartphones and it will still work amazingly without any lags.

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mini militeia mod apk

Mini Militia players have the option to download packs containing DLC (Downloadable Content). The mod packs are released by gaming enthusiast all over the world who makes these mod packs for the joy of players. Different mini militia mod packs have different features; you can download them according to your wish. But few find it easier to get almost all hacks to get the maximum power and abilities and win their game.

However downloading these mod packs may infuriate your opponent in a multiplayer mode, if he/she does not have features of your mod. In online Multiplayer you might get banned if you have a mod pack installed that is not coherent with online games. While if you play with this mod offline there will be no issues. You can search for mini militia mod apk free download on Google to suit mod pack best for your needs.

Download Mini Militia Unlimited Nitro Pack

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mini militia unlimited health

How to install and use mini militia pro pack apk?

Many of you might be familiar with installing the pro pack apk, but for those who don’t know, I have a quick list of steps that you can follow. These levels are elementary and will allow you to install the mini militia pro pack hack easily.

  • But before you get down to download this mini militia hack, you have to uninstall any previous versions with you.
  • Download the mini militia pro pack apk from the link given here
  • Now install the download on your Android device
  • One important thing, if you are having trouble in downloading from a UC browser then try using Chrome or the default browser of your smartphone

After you have successfully installed the game from the mini militia pro pack free download link, you run it on your device, and you are ready to use it.

Now to use the mini militia pro pack, you must know all the features of the mini militia hack, which we have already discussed. All you need is to allow the settings as per hack requirements. You will instantly get all features of unlocked on your device.

Now you can enjoy the game with high power and super cool weapons.

So, keep playing and keep winning!

How to install and use mini militia mega mod?

Now, you must be wondering how to install and use this super cool mini militia mega mod apk

on your device. Well, I have the answer, and it’s right here.

All that is required from your end is to follow these steps carefully.

  • Firstly you need to uninstall the previous version of mini militia already running on your device.
  • After that follow this link to mini militia mega mod download and download the new mini army on your device
  • You can use UC browser for this if it’s not working then use chrome or your default browser.
  • After the download is complete, then install the application on your device. This might take some time, the first time you will open the app, but from next season onwards it will be as quick as before.

I often hear people complaining that they are not able to use their mod apk to full capacity.  To them I got to say, guys, you have to know the features offered by the mod hack completely to take full advantage of it.

So read all the features as given above to understand your mod power and use hack carefully.

I will keep updating the post for new mods and features, so stay tuned!

List of Mini Militia Mods and their Features

Mini Militia Mod Features

[su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#e8860a”]

  •  Unlimited or High health – Earlier versions of mods increased the health of the player by many times. Newer mods feature unlimited health.
  •  Transparent Bush- The Bush which is used for hiding is made transparent in the mods so that you can see your opponents hiding the player. The trees are also made transparent with this mod
  •  Game Quality- Mods offer an option of switching to HD mode for an even more exciting gaming experience.
  •    Additional Maps- New maps are one of the most pleasing features of mod packs.  Playing the same map on and on makes it annoying. However, with new maps, you will never get bored.
  •  Custom Avatar- you can choose your player’s clothes and rooms. Having a player with the custom uniform is a thing to boast off.
  •  Multiple Weapons-You can carry two guns at the same time and also carry grenades and flamethrowers.
  •    Increased Damage Intensity- your player, will cause more damage to your opponent’s player per attack, by some factor; say 2X or double the cost.
  •   Auto Reload of Weapons- Weapons gets auto reloaded. So no need to waste time reloading your arms in that critical moment
  •   Unlimited Ammo- Now charge with no tension of depleting Ammo count. Just aim and keep firing.

Unarguably, these features are so attractive that you can resist to check them out and download to start using them.


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Some Special features of Mini Militia Mod Pack

[su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#e8860a”]

  •    One Shot Kills- You can kill your opponent’s player by only one shot, no more constant firing required.
  •    Weapon Appearance- Change the color and appearance of your weapon according to your taste. It’s like playing GTA Vice City on your smartphone
  •    New Weapons- Mod packs offer the choice of weapons ranging from Snipers, Shotguns and machine guns.
  •    New appearance of maps-  you can change the way the default maps appear with different options
  •    Unlimited Nitro- Now, use as much Nitro as you wish to blow up your opponents.
  •    Store Unlocked¬ Some mods open up all store items for you.
  •    Spawn time gone¬- No spawning time. You are ready for time zero.
  •    No Gravity- Some mods have a feature that disables gravity, so your player keeps on flying over the enemies like a vicious eagle.
  • Travel Through Walls-  Pass through walls as if you are a ghost!
  •   An invisibility-your player becomes invisible to opponents. This one is the most exciting features of mods.
  • Play without a break – You don’t have to wait again, you can play without any breaks now.


[su_button url=”” target=”blank” background=”#f70e00″ size=”7″ center=”yes” radius=”0″]Download Mini Militia Mod APK[/su_button]

Mini Militia 3.0.87 Mega Mod Pro Pack is one of the most advanced Mod packs

Many Features are available in store, which requires battle points when you download Mega Mod Pro Pack you get all these features included by default.

mini militia mod download

Weapon Features of 3.0.87 Mega Mod Pro Pack

[su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#e8860a”]

  •    Dual wield( Dual Gun) bug of earlier version has been removed  
  •    Use Dual weapons in online multiplayer mode
  •    Includes all weapons like a rocket launcher, sniper, saw gun, laser gun, Shotgun, Flamethrower, Magnum rifle, AK47 and Pistols
  •    Auto Reload for faster action
  •    Laser Gun that has very high accuracy of target
  •    Red crosshair for targeting your opponent
  •    Every time you re-spawn, you get a golden eagle as a gift which has a zoom of 3X
  •    Bullets cause 2X damage to your opponent’s health
  •    Single shot kills – You can kill your opponent’s player by only one shot, no more constant firing required.
  •    Unlimited Nitro – – use as much Nitro as you wish to blow up your opponents.
  •    Carry one extra Grenade
  •    Extend Clip of your Handgun
  •    Smoke Grenade can be added as well
  •    Masks and glass pack unlocked


Game Features of 3.0.87 Mega Mod Pro Pack

[su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#e8860a”]

  •    Pro pack is opened
  •    All store and all their items are opened for you
  •    Avatar is customizable. Also, includes custom game rooms
  •    Each costume has new skins also on offer
  •    Glitches in profile have been removed
  •    Game Can be played in HD and Non-HD mode
  •    The mod works for even nonrooted devices. Rooting of device is no longer needed


Gameplay Features of 3.0.87 Mega Mod Pro Pack

[su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#e8860a”]

  •    Transparent bush and trees so you can sneak peak your enemies
  •    The player can suicide to drop out of the match
  •    Features three brand new maps
  •    No gravity Mode to keep you flying so your player keeps on flying over the enemies like a vicious eagle.
  •    Fly through walls feature – Pass through walls as if you are a ghost!
  •    Train your player in offline gameplays like Survival and Co-op mode
  •    You can now see the health status of your opponent
  •    Unlimited Health for your player, enemy attack on you has no effect
  •    Various features in the host and room creation.
  •    New trees


[su_button url=”!4DoB1QaQ!4zyUFZk4lIzj5YikmcFhuVL74Y3bxvJqOf99S4nwiDk” target=”blank” background=”#f70e00″ size=”7″ center=”yes” radius=”0″]Download Mini Militia Mega Mod Pro Pack[/su_button]

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Mini Militia Ultimate God Mod Pack

[su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#e8860a”]

  •    Does not require rooting of device
  •    All mods can be individually chosen
  •    Unlimited health- Unlimited Health for your player, enemy attack on you has no effect
  •    Unlimited Ammunition- Now charge with no tension of depleting Ammo count. Just aim and keep firing.
  •    Unlimited Nitro – use as much Nitro as you wish to blow up your opponents.
  •    Dual wield of gun- you hold two firing weapons
  •    Unlimited grenades so that you blast every bastion of your enemy
  •    Fly through walls Pass through walls as if you are a ghost!
  •    Auto Reload for faster action
  •    No gravity that disables gravity, so your player keeps on flying over the enemies like a vicious eagle.
  •    In single player mode, your player is invisible to computer bots
  •    One shot kills – You can kill your opponent’s player by only one shot, no more constant firing required.


[su_button url=”” target=”blank” background=”#f70e00″ size=”7″ center=”yes” radius=”0″]Download Mini Militia Ultimate God Pack[/su_button]

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Mini Militia Invisible Pro Mod Features

[su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#e8860a”]

  •    Mod requires rooting of the device to install it.
  •    Unlimited Ammunition- Now charge with no tension of depleting Ammo count. Just aim and keep firing.
  •    Unlimited grenades so that you blast every bastion of your enemy
  •    Unlimited Nitro – use as much Nitro as you wish to blow up your opponents.
  •    One shot kills – You can kill your opponent’s player by only one shot, no more constant firing required.
  •    Dual wield of gun- you hold two firing weapons
  •    No kill counts enemies
  •    Fly through walls Pass through walls as if you are a ghost!
  •    Invisible to all in multiplayer mode (you might get banned for this)
  •    Invisible to robots – In single player mode, your player is invisible to computer bots
  •    Instant respawns – No spawning time. You are ready from time zero


[su_button url=”” target=”blank” background=”#f70e00″ size=”7″ center=”yes” radius=”0″]Download Mini Militia Invisible Mod[/su_button]

Mini Militia Pro Pack Mod Features

[su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#e8860a”]

  •    Does not require rooting of device
  •    Unlimited Jetpack- the jetpack never gets over. Your player keeps on flying.
  •    Store Items- All the elements of the store is purchased. Your player has access to all elements of store
  •    New skins- there are new skins
  •    Bluetooth bug has been fixed
  •    Does not get you banned online
  •    New avatars such as Indian Cricket outfit, martial art avatar, cricket helmet
  •    Get access to all guns for online multiplayer mode
  •    Rocket launcher and sniper rifle is unlocked and accessible
  •    Lag issue is resolved in this mod pack
  •    Wifi connection is more stable than earlier
  • Works for all devices

You can enjoy the game like never before now with mini militia mod apk.


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How can a mod help you play a better game?

Mini militia, although is a simple game, playing it on smartphones screen is tough. For many, it might take up to months before they even win a battle. And in online and multiplayer modes, where the difficulty level cannot be set by the user, winning a game is tough for a new player. Mods give you many features and powers that enable new users to fight with opponents on an equalized platform.

Many mods feature such as “Auto-reload” helps new players to survive when there are many players or bots attacking the player. Mod features such as “invisibility” helps new players practice fight sequences without fear being killed. Some enthusiast disagrees that mod packs are no good for players. But mod packs make the game much more interactive and comparatively easier for beginners.

New maps and skins to get rid of boredom generated by playing in the same arena over and over again, provide a renewed feeling. Overall, a much newer face of the game for new players who are struck in same gameplay and want to check other parts as well. It offers a wide selection of areas and maps that you can explore and enjoy new adventures.

If you are done with mini militia mod then Return to home page for more tricks like this.

Mini Militia Invisible Mod Hack Avtaar Apk Download [No Root]

In the intense multiplayer combat of Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia, you can now become invisible with a simple mod and gain leverage in multiplayer battles. Yes, isn’t that great!  Now you can take over your competitors and take them by surprise by becoming invisible and striking them at the right moment.Also, the same mini militia invisible mod hack allows you to get more avatars through simple modding.

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Features of the Mini Militia Invisible Mod Apk

The invisible mod allows your character to be invisible. Only your guns and grenades can be seen. However, with further modifications, you can also hide them from the game. That will make you truly invisible.

[su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#e8860a”]

  • Using this mod will give you the power of unlimited nitro, reload and boost.
  • You won’t require any rooted device to use this mod
  • You will get the power to fly through the wall, ie you can now pass through the wall
  • It makes you transparent ie invisible to your opponent
  • The mod helps you target enemy in long range
  • The benefit to killing enemy in one shot
  • You unlock access to rocket launcher and sniper
  • You get high zooming ability to look out for enemy and hideouts from far off
  • Using this mod will enable you to play online
  •  You will also get a server name, that can be used as your hidden identity.


Moreover, this modification to the game does not require any rooting and can be done right on the phone with an internet connection. However, for further modifications, you will need access to the PC however.

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Things you will need for the Mini Militia Invisible Hack

The mod works by editing some images in the game. For that, you will need to download the APK files of Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia and then extract the images in it. Once you have the images extracted, you can replace or edit the image and then repack the APK file. For the entire process, you will need the three things.

[su_list icon=”icon: plus” icon_color=”#e8860a”]

  • First, you will need the APK file of Mini Militia. You can download the newest version from the Google Play store and save it in your phone’s internal memory or the microSD card.
  • Next, you will need APK Editor Pro. APK Editor Pro is used to modify the Mini Militia APK file that you just downloaded. You can get APK Editor Pro from the Google Play Store. Alternatively, you can simply download the install it from the official website.
  • Finally, you will require an image editing program on PC that supports PNG transparency. A good option is Paint.NET on Windows PC. You can also use Photoshop or GIMP. These are needed for further modifications.


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[su_button url=”” target=”blank” background=”#f70e00″ size=”7″ center=”yes” radius=”0″]Download Mini Militia Invisible Mod Hack[/su_button]

Mini Militia Invisible apk

How to Install Mini Militia Invisible Avataar

Follow these steps to install the mini militia invisible hack apk on your phone.

[su_list icon=”icon: plus” icon_color=”#e8860a”]

  • Open APK Editor Pro. Tap on “Select and APK File” if you have downloaded the APK file of the mini militia. Alternatively, you can use the “Select APK from App”. The procedure is similar for both.
  • Now, locate the Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia APK file on your phone’s storage and select it.
  • Select “Simple Edit (FILE REPLACEMENT)”
  • Now, you can see all the files in the application package. Locate the following file
    assets > hd > menuTexture.png
    Click on Save. Save where you want to, and then copy this file to your PC.
  • Open this image using the image editor program. Using the eraser tool, remove the legs, hands and face of the doodles. Save the file and copy it back to the phone.
  • On your phone, repeat from step 1 through 3. Locate the menuTexture.png file and now, click on replace.
  • Finally, to replace, select the file that you copied back from the PC.
  • Install Mini Militia from the edited APK


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Now, you are good to go.

Mini Militia Invisible Mod

How to Play Doodle Army 2 with the Mini Militia Invisible Mod

You can now tap on the icon from the app drawer and open the app. The player character or avatar will now be invisible. The invisible mod of this app will allow you to be completely invisible and that is an advantage for you to just go and beat opponents without being visible to them.

The use of invisible mod has very interesting feature and it makes the battle even more exciting and full of surprises. Another advantage is that your opponents can’t see you which makes the battle area open for you to use tactics and beat the opponent. You can also replace the doodles with that of your favorite character instead of erasing them.

How to Download Mini Militia for PC – 100% Working

The entertainment is the key to enjoying your life by escaping boring and busy schedule. Doodle army2-Mini Militia game is full of entertainment. It is 2d shooter game which is free to play released for IOS as well as Android devices.

This mini militia for PC gained popularity and became so enticing that it attracted many diehard fans apart from Android falling in line to create its compatible version of the game.

The game was released for IOS device on April 5, 2011 and on Google play for Android on March 18, 2015. Everyone from younger to an elder is deeply in love with the shooting games. It is a shooting game where you can play with your multiplayer. The game was developed by Appsomniacs. It would be great to play Mini Militia on PC.

You will love to play mini militia on a big screen. You will find more addictive to play Mini Militia on Windows PC. There are the number of advantages to playing Mini Militia on PC download like sound quality, big screen and easy to control using keyboard and mouse.


Now the question arises how to get Mini Militia for PC?

The main things that required to install Mini Militia PC:

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  • Android Emulator i.e bluestacks
  • Mini militia on PC: Download by following the below mentioned steps.
  •  Mini Militia online PC played using the internet


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How to install or get Mini Militia for PC using Bluestacks?

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  • For mini militia installation, you must have the latest version of bluestacks on your PC.
  • Install the Mini Militia apk file for your PC and then save it in your system.
  • You get downloaded link then tap on that link.
  • Then it will take few seconds to install in bluestacks.
  • Open the bluestacks emulator and click on Android that is shown on the top of the display. After tap Android click on mini militia icon which shows on a display screen.
  • Then click on allow the button to start the further process.
  • Then choose the option showed on bottom right side of the display screen.
  • Finally, you get the main page of the game that will appear on your screen. Now to play game Mini Militia, we have to first set up the controls for the game.


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How to get the controls of Mini Militia for Windows PC?

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  • Choose the settings option from the main page.
  • Now choose the controls option shown on the settings page.
  • Then, choose the placement option.
  • Then click the keyboard mapping option appears at the right side in the top (4 squared boxes).
  • After this, you will get edit option which is on the right side. Click on edit option and now the main page appears. Now drag and drops the icons at other places.
  • First, drag D-Pad option from the top & drop it over the movement which is at left side.
  • In the same way, drag tap option and drop the bomb and punch symbols.
  • Now you have to final the letters for all control. For this select the D-pad option and use keys for all control options like UP, DOWN,RIGHT and LEFT. Now click on confirm option.
  • In same way select keys like space and V for Bomb and punch controls. And click on confirm button.
  • Configure ZOOM with any letter as per your requirement.
  • After this, you will find an image display on your screen.
  • Now hit the close option and you have to save all controls. If you are confirming all this for the first time then you need to login with your Gmail account.
  • Now you complete all your controls set up and finally click on the done option.
  • It’s all done now you are ready to play mini militia game online by choosing the option, i.e., quick play.
  • After starting your game, you can handle or control it by the keys you configured earlier.
  • The mouse is used for the shooting purpose.
  • Yes now have finally download Mini Militia for PC on your window 7,8,8.1,10 and MAC.
  • Now it’s high time to play the game with multiplayer on a big screen.



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How to install Mini Militia in MAC OS?

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  • Download any Android and IOS emulator like bluestacks and ipadian. Now using bluestacks we are moving further for the installation steps.
  • Now install the emulator and open the software.
  • Next, go to the search bar and enter the mini militia and hit the search button.
  • Then the doodle army: mini militia icon is shown.
  • Click on the green installation option.
  • On the pop-up appeared click on agree and install.
  • Next wait for the installation to be completed as it will take some time.
  • Once installed, start the game by clicking on the shortcut created.


Now you can enjoy the game on MAC OS.

How to play Mini Militia on PC?

For the first time player, read follow mention details. It will help you to win the game.

Training: Officer Candidate school is where the player gets its training. Sarge is the trainer who will teach the movements, how to control and use weapons with some limit and even how to use of robots. You will have toaster the use of keys on the keyboard to Percy your shooting skills.

Survival mode: In this mode Sarge, who trained the player how to defend themselves by bringing them into the battlefield. Survival is the key to last longer in the game. It helps you move ahead of your competitors and win the battle. 

Multiplayer mode: In this mode, you can play the game by the use of wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity features. Wi-fi multiplayer can be local area network (LAN) or online.12 players can play using LAN network and six players can play online. Microtransactions are used for additional weapons.

Download Mini Militia for PC has greater options as it provides super cool customization features of avatars and names. You can change the customs and names according to you from the settings. For more customization go for Mini Militia pro pack. This pack will not give you extra power. But this app gets locked features for which you had to pay otherwise.

The Mini Militia game for PC is the best game. Students love to play shooting game on PC. Doodle Army 2 is an awesome game you can play online with your friends and Google plus friends. It is the best way to spend your leisure time with your friends by sitting at home. It creates fun while shooting. You can cheer up your mood with this type of game. You can easily install it on your PC by following steps mentioned above.

Mini Militia Cheats – Mini Militia Chat Codes [100% Working]

Gaming on Smartphone has become widely popular. You can enjoy the game with all its features and max power with Mini Militia Cheats, which we shall be discussing in this article. But first let us brush up the doodle history a bit. 

Many new and exciting games are regularly launched however only a few games can meet expectations of a broad audience.  The Doodle Army 2 game has managed to reach new heights of popularity. It is commonly known as mini militia and is played by many users today.  

Even though the graphics of the game are not of the highest level yet, there are many people who are addicted to the match.  The mere presentation of the game and its game line and levels are so interesting, that it makes you stick to your PC for hours. 

The game is competitive, challenging and exciting.  more and more people keep joining the match every day, that’s hows the popularity of the game.

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mini militia cheat codes

Mini Militia Cheats Mod Features

There are many features of the game that are locked initially but by using the Mini Militia cheats code you can easily unlock it, even as a beginner. As you reach ahead on your level of expertise, new features are unlocked that make the gameplay even better.  

Giving access to all these additional features require a lot of effort and time however you can make use of various mini militia cheats that are 100% working to unlock features quickly, but you also need to know how to use them. Play the popular game without halts now using mini militia cheats.


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If you are starting to play the game, it is beneficial to learn about the various aspects of the game that it offers. Many reasons make the mini militia such a big success. Following are some of the key elements that mini militia game provides:

  1.  Multiplayer Gaming

Multiplayer compatibility of the mini militia is considered to be one of the best among all Smartphone games.  You can play with other users using the multiplayer mode and even play with system generated opponents.  With whatever opponents you play, the game is equally fun. You can play with as many as six players at a time without facing any problem. You can play with real-time players and win too.

  1.   Play multiplayer without any Internet

Not only the story mode but you can play against actual users without an internet connection. Just connect all the players through a single hotspot connection and enjoy the multiplayer game without needing to log into the web.

This is one of the best features of the game and also why it is becoming more popular.

  1.   Challenge other social media users

Connect to the internet and invite all your Google+ friends for a multiplayer game. You can even play together with other players and work as a team. this allows you to play with people in your city, country or even outside your country. 

  1.   Less internet consumption and high performance

Unlike most other multiplayer games, mini militia consumes very less amount of internet. It is very light and does not consume much RAM. The game runs very smoothly in low configuration devices as well which is again a reason for its so high popularity. The game is available for multiple platforms including Android and iOS and performs equally well. 

Because there is a limited usage of graphics, your phone doesn’t heat up and works smoothly for all devices.

  1.   Unique gameplay

The gameplay is excellent. Features such as rocket boots for moving across the screen makes it unique. You can continue to fight with opponents when flying around. extreme excitement with lost of fun, this game is sure to take you away. 

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Mini Militia Cheats

Some Famous Mini Militia Cheats Codes that You can Try to Score High

The fun of mini militia is increased many times when you have all the features unlocked. If you are not using cheat codes in the game, then you would have to spend a certain amount of money for buying certain features that are enabled only when you make a purchase. 

The choice of using the mini militia cheats code will, however, depend on the player. Some users like to wait and put their effort to win battle points however other players want to enjoy the complete game from the very first day.

When you are playing multiplayer, you can find yourselves in big troubles when the other person is making use of mini militia cheats code. If you have limited features and are at a low level, then your character would continue to die regularly.  There are many codes available over the internet although some of them are fake. Each of these codes is built to provide a certain specific kind of benefits.  

Some cheats require an additional file to download and run whereas there are others that anyone can use easily. Mini Militia Cheats that users can use directly through chat windows is more popular because you can use them multiple times during a battle. Following are some of the most common cheat codes that are used by players during fights:

  1.    If you are looking for 7000 battle points, try code “Gummy Bear.”
  2.    For a one battle pack point, use code “FZ_JpGdGF8E2W” similarly for two and four battle pack point, you can use code “HF_FrT1savf2o” and “SD_52FNXtsF2x” respectively
  3.    Use code “Duke” to become captain
  4.    Hat loading regularly? Try code “Tootsie Pop.”

Mini Militia Cheat Codes

You can use the above hacks directly through the chat window which makes them very easy to use.   Apart from the above doodle army 2 mini militia cheat codes, the use of chat codes is also very popular. In multiplayer gaming, you can make use of following chat codes to enjoy the game:

[su_list icon=”icon: hand-o-right” icon_color=”#e8860a”]

  • RU” for Ready Up
  •    “LG” for Let’s Go, Yeah!
  •    “NN” for Noooooo
  •    “CB” for Come on Boy
  •    “CM” for Cover Me
  •    “MO” for Move Out
  •    “GM” for Oh, They Got Me
  •    “NS” for Nice Shot
  •    “GG” for Good Game


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By making use of above chat codes, you can make better tactics and win battles with ease. With so many chat codes available for use during fights and unlocked weapons, you will feel more confident and can concentrate better on your targets.

There are multiple websites that offer mini militia cheats code. When downloading an additional file to run the code, it is very important to stay cautious and download files that you can rely on. Some of the cheats are paid whereas if you search wisely, you can find sites that offer free cheats as well.  

Few of the mini militia cheat code and chat codes are specific to the operating system on which the game is running. Look for codes that work with your device.  Past users of such codes provide their feedbacks after using them which will help you identify the 100% genuine codes from so many options available.  

To win battles, it is important to use the mini militia cheats code wisely.  Multiplayer mode can get very challenging as some of the players are expert in using the right cheats for the mini militia at the right time. Playing the game regularly and staying updated on the latest cheats will help you stay ahead in the competition.

There are a lot of fans who love to play Mini Militia, but if the Mini Militia cheats codes are used properly, and then you can end up winning the battle. Since, there are a lot of hacks available online, which can give you unlimited ammo and health to play; there are even cheat codes which can unlock a lot of features for you.

Final Words

Mini Militia cheats apk can be downloaded online and it can be installed in the smartphones, where you can use these cheat codes and enjoy the unlimited options of health and ammo. Mini Militia cheats Android works 100% without any problem. All you need is the Mini Militia app and apk files to install the cheats and play the game.

If you are done with these mini militia cheats then Return to home page for more tricks like this.

Mini Militia iOS Hack without Jailbreak – 3 Working Methods

Mini Militia is a shooting game which is available for both Android and IOS.  We will be discussing the  Mini Militia hack ios  and its related, in this articl but first let’s get femiliar with the game.

The game was first launched for IOS devices on April 5, 2011, way earlier than that of Android which came on mid-2015. The battle game is all about streangth,strategy and abilities to lead a team into a battle field. Although the game is a virtual reality game but due to its tremendous graphics it’s as good as real.

The game has got 3 modes which include survival, training and multiplayer. Once a player understands the basic fundamentals of the game, they start playing the multiplayer mode, which is by far the best mode in the game. The game got its popularity by the end 2015 and since then it is one of the most played games ever.

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mini militia ios hack

If someone wants to be a professional in this game, they can follow the following tips.

There are several methods for downloading a hacked version of the famous game Mini Militia on the internet nowadays. But it is very difficult to find the working ones which would not damage the system of ours. If someone is using an iPhone or an iPad and is the fan of this doodle game, then they must use some of the hacked versions in order to succeed.

After installing the Mini Militia hack IOS, One gets some awesome and cool tweaks and hacks. These hacks help you enjoy various feature which other wise are locked and cannot be accessed unless you are level up at your game.

The below is the list of the tweaks available after a successful installation of a hacked version.

Tweaks and Hack list for IOS.

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There are several hacking tools available with a hacked version of this game. A sheer amateur can compete with an ultimate pro within some minutes. The below is the list of advantages after installing Mini Militia Hack IOS.

  1.    Unlimited life.
  2.    No recoil of any guns,
  3.    Unlimited ammo.
  4.    Unlimited jets.
  5.    GOD mode can be activated anytime.
  6.    Infinite hand bombs and grenades.
  7.    In-app purchased automatically disabled, and one can get everything.
  8.    Invisible mode.

Apart from the above tweaks, after installing the app, one will be getting some further features:

  1.    The player will not get banned at any cost.
  2.    Gameplay will be smoother and no lagging will be there.
  3.    It is very easy and quite handy to use the app.
  4.    The space requirement of this app is quite less and can be easily installed.

There are quite a few methods that can be used for installing a hacked version of this game. Those can be discussed as below:

how to hack mini militia

How to install mini militia hack IOS:

This is the first method on how can mini militia can be installed on IOS. For this method, one does not need to jailbreak their devices. This method works on almost every device.

The below is the total procedures of installing Mini Militia hack IOS:

  1.    iBackupBot for MAC must be downloaded at first.
  2.    The license key is a must and should be found.
  3.     Backup of the device should be made by connecting the device to a PC.
  4.    After the backup process completed navigate over to USER APP FILES.
  5.    Search mini militia on the right side panel of your screen.
  6.    Select preferences in the directory portion.
  7.    Search for XML file and open it.
  8.    Select the best score in survival mode under best shows.
  9.    Search experience earned the term and change the values as your wish.
  10.    Save your setting and hit enter, and wait till the file is saved.
  11.    Now respring your device.

The above-discussed procedure is the first method which works on almost all devices. If someone is not getting this done then there are some other ways too.

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Installing apps through Cydia.

Another method of installing mini militia hack IOS is by downloading Cydia app. But the first one has to install Cydia in their devices.

The below is the way to download Cydia first:

Cydia is generally installed by jailbreaking a device, but it can also be done without jailbreaking a phone. One just has to go to some open sources which are available on the internet and can be downloaded easily.

After the download is completed and it is installed successfully one has to follow the next few steps in order to hack mini-militia.

The processes are as below:

  •    After installing Cydia successfully, just open Safari browser.
  •    Download the file from the link below


  •    Wait till the download is finished and one must keep it securely.
  •    Download the file name called “DA2 Hack 2.deb” from there.
  •    Install File and open the downloaded file here.
  •    Click the installer button, to install Mini militia.
  •    Check the trusting the app option there.
  •    Now enjoy playing from the start screen.

This is the second successful method to enjoy Mini militia Hack IOS.

MINI militia hack ios

   Mini Militia Pro Pack:

This is the easiest and most convenient way of the hacking mini-militia. The best part this hack one does not need any third party application. One can hack it with the original app which is available in the App store. One just has to follow the very few procedures, which are discussed below accordingly:

  1.    Download the mini militia file and open it from File.
  2.    Now click quick play to navigate it.
  3.    Now click on Add time Free Pro Pack to enjoy the hack.
  4.    Then there will be an AD that will appear, watch the ad to play the game.
  5.    Now play the game.
  6.    After playing the game, now Hold the power button and Home ve button together.
  7.    Clear the ram and temporary memory to enjoy the best experience while playing the game.
  8.    Now end the app. And open then mini militia game.
  9.    Now play with the professional and beat them with ease.

The above are the best possible mini militia hacks IOS which can be done with ease. The best parts of all the above hacks are that they do not need jailbreak, as jailbreaking voids the warranty of the device.

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Enjoy the following hacks with an easy access that will bring a quite amount of happiness to an amateur, as they will able to beat professionals with great experience with a great ease.

Playing a combat game like Mini Militia is always fascinating, but having his hacks installed in the smartphone is a bit difficult. This problem arises especially when you are using iOS to play this game. But, now the hacks are available for iOS where you can install the hacks through the several apps.

Mini Militia Malayalam APK | Theri Version Download 2017

One of the games that have increased in popularity with the game lovers is Mini militia. A major hit among younger lot but interesting even for the grownups. 

In the present times, most of the college students love playing this game, and this game is mainly popular in India. Some of the Android developers have redesigned it and also added various funny audios to that favourite game in the Malayalam language.

After upgrading this game, they have launched this game in Malayalam version, and almost anyone who plays this game has found it surprising and entertaining with the addition of the voices which are funny and remixed and also dubbed. 

Those who are conversant in Malayalam will find this Mini Militia Malayalam game to be amusing and entertaining to play. This article will take a look at some information about Mini Militia Malayalam version.

Mini Militia Malayalam Version

Mini Militia Malayalam Version Features:

To get the game mod that will allow one to play with unlimited points and unlimited ammo, one doesn’t need the rooted version of Android. Some of the latest features that come with this popular game are:

[su_list icon=”icon: plus” icon_color=”#e8860a”]

  •    Enhanced Wi-Fi/LAN game setup controls.
  •    The fix Bluetooth incompatibility versions bug.
  •    Able to add the ban to the gameplay options to host the controls for the Doodle Army Malayalam game.
  •    Fix for 4.0x “ double tap” bug
  •    Addition of parts to store the cricket shirts and the pants of India
  •    Addition of the cricket helmet to store the mask pack
  •    The addition of the martial art warrior avatar


Mini Militia Malayalam Version

Mini Militia Malayalam Version Installation Process:

   Download the game mini militia pro pack Malayalam version from online.

[su_button url=”” style=”flat” size=”10″ radius=”0″ icon=”icon: hand-o-right”]Download Mini Militia Pro Pack [Malayalam Version][/su_button]

   To install the latest version of Doodle Army 2 Malayalam you got to install it. Then you will need to uninstall the current game version that you are using in your cell phone and to do this; you will need to go to settings  Apps  Mini Militia and then click on uninstall.

Mini Militia is an entertaining packed game where you can play with your friends in offline multiplayer option. You can check your ranks and play with many friends to be the best shooter among the group. If you are looking for unlimited coins and ammo then you can try for mini militia cheats to unlock the premium features of this game.

   Then you will need to open the downloaded file and then install the given file in your cell phone.

   Now you are ready to play the game!

There are various websites which offer Mini Militia Malayalam version APK.

Mini Militia Malayalam apk

If you are someone who loves playing game, then you will love this multi-player intense combat game with the inclusion of the funny audios to keep you entertained when playing the game. This game can be downloaded on both iOS and Android. If you want to play this amazing game like a pro, then here are some of the helpful tips for the mini militia Malayalam game that you can take a look at:

If you want to play this amazing game like a pro, then here are some of the helpful tips for the mini militia game that you can take a look at:

Mini Militia Malayalam Apk Playing Tips

   Always make sure to take a look at the ranks and the batches of the online players who are connected to the server.

   Initially, try to avoid the battle with the players who have got high rankings.

   Always make sure to reload the guns before you are going for a new attack.

   Try to avoid the players who have got a dual gun.  

Take a closer look at the sitemap to understand the location.

always take a hint where you are and proceed to another location to keep track that you are not lost.

There are also various cheats available online, which will help you to play the game with ease and get to earn more points when playing this awesome game.   

Download Mini Militia One Shot Kill (GOD MOD) 2017

Among the many games that have become popular for multiplayer gaming, the mini militia is probably on top of the list. Earlier developed for IOS platform the popularity made the developer to develop it for Android as well. Now the game can be played easily on any IOS and Android compatible smartphone.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of games that provide many users to compete against themselves. Many of such games come with high-quality graphics; mini-militia, on the other hand, is a simple game but is extremely popular because of the huge list of features that it provides.  

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mini militia one shot kill apk

Popular features of This Mod 

The combat in the game is fascinating. You can play with as many as six players online, and if you connected on a hotspot, 12 players join to play. Playing mini militia is not like playing any other game. Increase chances of winning by practicing well. Many players play offline regularly to improve their gaming skills.

The mini militia game is a character shooting game. You can modify your character in various looks, and you can choose from a wide variety of guns.

As part of the accessories, you can choose from a wide range of shields and dresses that can provide you required strength to fight against your opponents. You can fight with many enemies more efficiently with the use of such additional features.

Mini Militia is the combat game which allows you to play in multiplayer mode. But, with One Shot kill feature, you can beat your opponents faster. The rate of harm will increase with a single bullet and your opponents can be killed faster. Also, you can choose some accessories from a wide range of options available.

Download Mini Militia God Mod APK

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How to use Mini Militia God Mod

Some of the features of the game are available only when you make in game purchases. There are many hacks and cheats, each of which provides a different kind of benefits.  One of the most famous of these hacks is the mini militia one shot kill. This pack gives you a lot of power in the gun that you are using.

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If your opponent is strong and your shots are week than your chance of survival decreases. Make as much as two times damage with your bullets and kill your opponents faster and in no time.

The damage that your shots make on your opponents is going to also depend on the defensive abilities that the opponents have. For getting this feature enabled in your game, you need to get the mini militia one shot kill apk

How to Install Mini Militia God Mod Apk

Lots of people make use of hacks and cheat to play and win the multiplayer battles played online. If you are not using the mini militia one shot kill hack, however, your opponents are doing so, then you will end up losing the battle regularly.

There are cheats and hacks that you can run a game and can enable the unique killing feature however it is recommended to make use of mini militia one shot kill mod that is designed specifically for this purpose.  

With such a huge demand for such MOD files, finding a reliable apk file can turn out to be very challenging. You can make use of the following points to download and enjoy a god mod version:

[su_list icon=”icon: plus” icon_color=”#e8860a”]

  •    Download files only from a reliable source
  •    Verify the compatibility of the file based on your device’s OS, hardware, and other specifications
  •    Uninstall the previous version of the game before installing the new one
  •    Check the features of the game that are enabled by the MOD
  •    Look for the latest version of the file
  •    Follow the steps to install and run the file
  •    Understand the limitations and read the information provided along with the apk file


mini militia god mod

Mini Militia One Shot Kill (God Mod)

The demand among users of mini militia god mod has brought forward many websites that offer such downloads for free. Lots of these apk files are viruses that can harm your computer. It is very much recommended to look for a reliable website only that provides individual MOD that is free from viruses. 

A good site will only provide secure files that have are safe and checked for their authenticity.

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If you download unsafe apk files, it will corrupt and slow down your device. So, be cautious while downloading the apk file. Download the mini militia one shot kill apk from a good website. Keep in mind about the version you’re downloading because it’s better if you can get the latest version.

When looking for such APK, you should also ensure that you are getting the modified version of the latest mini militia game only. As the game is very popular, the developers of the official game keep coming with new and improved releases. keeping track of updates is crucial for better performance in the game.

The mod file that you download should be the modified version of the latest version of the mini militia. Keep reading about the mini-militia game and its releases to enjoy.

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Fly Through Walls Hack

Doodle Army 2, commonly known as Mini Militia, is a casual yet intense 2D multiplayer combat experience. You can play with friends online, as well as locally over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You can play offline in the training and survival mode.

The offline training mode is very helpful for players to learn how to play and correct their mistakes. This free offline trial gives you a very close look at the game layout as well as hints you at hurdles.

If the game feels too complicated for you, Mini Militia fly through wallhack will help you. Mini militia wall hack will allow you to fly through any obstacles, as well as have unlimited flight time.

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Mini Militia Fly Through Walls Hack

Downloading the Mini Militia wall hack APK

Doodle Army 2 is available for both iOS and Android, but you will only get the wall hack for Android. The hack is not available from Google Play Store and to install it, you will also need to modify some of the settings of your phone first.

First of all, you need to allow installation from untrusted sources. To do this, go to your phone settings, then application settings and then enable installation of apps from outside of the store. Changing this setting varies from phone to phone and so you will have to check with your phone manufacturer.

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The feature of Mini Militia Wall Hack

The latest version of the Mini Militia wall hack bears the version number This now allows a “custom” option that enables you to add or use a custom combination of pre-defined hacks. These hacks are available for free and can easily be downloaded reliable form sources. The features of the hack are as follows:

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  • No Reload: You can now shoot without reloading your weapon. This saves valuable time when you are in intense multiplayer combat.
  • Pro Pack + All Store items: Now, you do not have to make any in-app purchases to get access to the premium features. You can simply use this hack to try out all the premium features and content of the game. However, if you like it, buy the premium content to support the developer.
  • Unlimited Ammo: This allows you to have unlimited ammo in all of your weapons. When paired with the no-reload hack, you can keep shooting for an unlimited time without running out of bullets or having to reload.
  • Fly through walls: The main point of the Mini militia wall hack is the ability to fly through walls, or, avoid obstacles. This will allow players to shoot through walls. Players can also move through walls.  Bullets and grenades can also move through walls and obstacles. The offline mode all the other bots can also move through walls and obstacles.
  • Gravity independent: This completely disables gravity.  Players can stay in space without even using the jetpack.
  • Transparent Bush: This allows you to see who is hiding behind the bushes.
  • Dual bullet shoots: With this hack, you can shoot two bullets every time you press the trigger.


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You do not get unlimited health with this hack, so other player hiding behind walls can kill you. But this hack gives you a better chance to escape your enemy. The wall, yes, with this hack you too can hide behind the wall.  However, you can also hide behind a wall to protect yourself from people who are not running the Mini militia wall hack.

You can use Mini Militia wall hack to unlock the unlimited health and unlimited ammo, so that you can remain unbeaten among the friends. This game supports multiplayer option, so you have to connect to the Wi-Fi to play with your friends and be the unbeaten star of the game.

Mini Militia Fly Through Walls

How to install Mini Militia Wall Hack APK

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia wall hack can be downloaded from the website of the hack directly. However, you will need to remove the Mini Militia app from the phone first. Here are the steps that you need to follow to install the app.

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  1. Uninstall the app from your phone first.
  2. Now, clear the cache of the phone. You can use an app such as CCleaner to do so. However, this is not required in all phones, but it is recommended that you do so.
  3. Now, download the APK file. Before this, you must have “Install from Unknown sources” enabled on your phone.
  4. Accept the request for permissions.


After this only, the Mini Militia Fly Through Walls will be installed.

Mini Militia wall hack

How it works: Mini Militia Fly Through Walls

Now, the game is programmed in such a way that the entire viewpoint of the player, that is the avatar, is contained within the viewport. The viewport is the amount of area that you get to see on the screen. This includes the walls and the rocks. The avatar, at a certain moment, can interact with only the items that are rendered on screen. Anything that is not rendered on the screen has is not considered.

The hack tweaks collision detection settings by modifying the Z-index of the player’s parameters. Since the game is a 2D game, the player’s avatar moves around in an X-Y plane. Now, on this plane, there are layers of items rendered.

First, the map is rendered, then the elements on the map, such as rocks are rendered in another layer, then the player’s avatar is rendered in another layer. Items in a layer can interact with each other. Each layer has a certain z-index value. The upper layers have a higher value.

The hack increases the z-index value such that the player’s avatar is rendered in an empty layer right on top of all the layers. Thus, the Mini militia wall hack allows the player to fly through walls.